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GTC-India, We expanded our catalogue to support all aspects of turbine users needs with support for upgrades, field services, repairs, testing and repairs, field services, training, or asset recovery,and emergency support. Call us- + At 91(0)80-29731666 for getting more details.
Turbine Controls / Excitation / GE Fanuc PLC series 90-70 /All GE fanuc 90-70 series model / Vibration Monitoring Systems/ Mark V Repair. GTC India’s experienced team of service technicians, engineers and customer service representatives will help you with any other request you may have.
GE, Part Number: DS3800HAIC, Description: GE Regulator Board DS3800HAIC for GE Mark IV

a)Power Generation b) Petro chemicals c) Steal Plants d) Cement Plants e) Oil Plants
f) Other processing Plants

6es5948-3ur13/6es73325hf000ab0/125712-01 / 6es73411ah02 0ae0/ ds3800haic/ ds3800hsaa/ ic693bem331d/ ic693mdl655/ pharps32000000/
Other part numbers:
GE Fanuc PLC series 90-70/ IC697BEM731P, IC697CPX782, IC697BEM731TCA1, IC697BEM731T, IC697BEM731PCA1, IC697VEM731TCA1, IC697CMM741LCA1, IC697CHS790FCA1, IC697PWR724D,
IC697BEM711LCA1, IC697BEM711, IC697CPX782-JD, IC697CPU782CA-JE, IC697VEM713GCA1, IC697BEM713G, IC697BEM713GCA1, IC697PCM711VCA1, IC697CMM711MCA1.
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6es59483ur13 / gtc 6es5948-3ur13 parts/6es73411ah020ae0parts/ 6es73325hf000ab0 /6es73411ah020ae0 repairs/6es5948-3ur13 Repair cost / 125712-01 / / 6es5948-3ur13low cost /6es5948-3ur13 warranty / 6es73325hf000ab0 at low cost/ 6es73411ah020ae0 cost low / 125712-01 cost /6es73325hf000ab0 repair / 6es73325hf000ab0 assets/125712-01 services

GTC India offers the operators : testing and repair services for cards covering most manufacture brands such as General Electric, Alstom, Siemens, Honeywell, Foxboro, Rolls Entronic, Westinghouse, Triconex, Yokogawa, ABB, Bailey and many more. These come with full repair and warranty documentation for all work carried out with standard cycle times.